Metta Ai Kim Carter: is an award-winning photographer whose work has been released worldwide. 

She received the award for the best book craft for her own photographically illustrated portrait of young people in the subcultural environments in Copenhagen by the publisher Gyldendal. Metta has worked as a press photographer in New York, as well as as a photographer for EMI and not least high - fashion - and art photographer for Ivan Grundahl and Birger Christensen. It is a colorfull, humanistic, interdisciplinary artistic career, where music is also at the forefront, which has inspired Metta to photograph, support and develop people in all walks of life. 

Metta is a single mother of DMA winner Noah Carter. "I always meet and see people with my heart, all that with photography comes all by itself, afterwards" -Metta Carter 

Price in relation to project: On location: Pr. portrait DKK 1500 Incl. photo editing of 2 portraits and 1 full figure image. 

However, the price can be negotiated in relation to larger orders and cooperation agreements. 

Normal price per. portrait Carter Studios: 2500 - 5000 kr.

A selection of photos from Ivan Grundahl to private photoshoots


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Michael Jackson
Jelly and the blowfish
Bo Derek
Blackstreet- R'n'B (EMI)
Alcoholics (US)
Rahsaan Patterson - singer (US)
Sean (NY, US)
Rayford (NY, US)
Dawn (NY, US)
Nadja Auermann (WMA)
Helen Christensen (WMA)
Naomi Champbell (WMA)
Gry (Pass it on)
Miss verden (Pass it on)
Nadja (Pass it on)

Rare vintage photos from  Cultural city Copenhagen, "EXPLORE EUROPE -Heros, Icons and Dreams" Protector The Royal CrownPrins Frederik


Protector of the exhibition "Explore Europe": His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.

Photographer: Metta Kim Carter, private collection.

Carter Studio has the pleasure of presenting fore the very first time, a collection of rare vintage black and white, handmade original analog photos, with a historical perspective at Bruun Rasmussen online art-auction.

In 1996 The Cultural City of Copenhagen organized the exhibition "Explore Europe" at the Exhibition hall "Park Hus 11". A show, that was seen by more than 10.000 people.

Fine arts photographer Metta Kim Carter and DR Journalist Ulla Abildtrup, traveled a month under the them: "Heroes, dreams and Icons" and their exhibition was a reflection and photo exhibition on two European extremes; Albanian and Monaco, documenting the hard life of a 12 year old street shoeshine boy and his family in Albanian- his icons, heroes and dreams, in contrast to the glittering World Music Awards in Monte Carlo, where supers stars and the giants of Rock and Pop music where celebrating, at the annual Award show. The youngsters of Monaco had very few heroes and dreams, since their icons where all around them, as an ordinary part of every day life.

The collection consists of photos, presenting images of several celebrities, among them: Musicians: Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Celine Dion,

Actors: Bo Derek, Claude Van Dam,

Top Models: Helena Christensen, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Nadja Auermann.

First edition work reviews:

1/1 Black / white original exhibition photo: Michael Jackson 35 cm x 24 cm.

1/5 Black / white original exhibition photos: Helena Christensen 30 cm x 24cm.

(Including white photo frame).


Protector: His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.

Photographer: Metta Carter