"I am a fighter and a spirit, who continues to explore new grounds in love and music...or with love and music. I love people as we try to understand ourselves and each other. Sometimes with very little luck of seeing our own flaws and our own part in it all, sometimes with great ability to keep rising no matter the circumstances...and still be shining.

Well I am still around just breathing... always loving and still believing.

I believe in miracles , cause I have been blessed with quite afew already, my only son is a miracle, my life is a miracle. thank you". -Metta


-but you have to trust me - open up to me - and tell me what's in your heart. Where it hurts and where you need more strength. I am here for you. I love you the most in the whole world and you know it. You are loved and appreciated by all people. You are a diamond - and a human being - like everyone else who needs help". (The promise from this Peace and Love Dove).

The loneliness in our destiny heals when we rejoice with each other, and experience the love of our children who understand the pain more than anybody, cause our pain, is their pain. And only by healing our pain, the pain in this society we can help them to create fruitful lives with higher ethical stands, than what we were raised in. Parts of our generation is stucked between a rock and a hard place, and at times it seem as such a wast of life having to fight for common decency and human rights in our time. But in a time where greed and ignorance rules all over the world, what can we do?, but love more? Find ways to the most healthy and free love in us, look at the world with parental compassion as a child learning to walk, to sing, to run, and an adult to respect, to treasure, to value life. All our lives.


At this period in life, I am so blessed with love from my son, who not only support the quest to dive deep into the adoption matter, and live by our purpose of music. But he also gives me strength by his "parental" approach and gentle help towards me and his own community. 

He is teaching me by his kindness and tolerance to be gentle and compassionated towards the adoptants, (which is the hardest challenge for me these days, and takes every bit of selfcontrole in this last chapter) The adoptants who at this time in life is so demented and old, that it is impossible to make them understand their own part in the humantrade and trafficking. To sit face to face with systems and people, who have wronged you and humanity -by their lack of abilities to remotely understand the crime - is just devastating and draining. 

I am so sad, that we are forced to be so hard to gain justice. It's so against my core nature. And it hurts. The lesson to be learned is how to be kind towards people and ruthless towards systems. To know the difference between anger and righteousness. To balance the personal loss and still be able to create valuable development. 

But love teaches us to expand our hearts to look, at all of these events as opportunities to love more. To love those who can't love and to love ourselves and each other in the attempt to rise up and solve this broken part of humanity by letting the broken part of us take action. Time has already taken its toll, there is just not much time left.To foregive suspicion and fear, anger, controle, power and exploitation, by never giving it a chair at our table again.


"My Korean name is Kim Cherry, changede to Kim Jerry. My Mothers name is Kim Myung-hye's . On the backside of a picture of my mother's her birthday is March 25th, 1938. At the time of birth, my mother was 29 years old. I was born on December 3rd, 1966 in Uijeongbu, My mother "married" Joe Mclain an american enineer serving in the US Army in 1961. Joe was African american soldier, and his services for the army came out of Texas Houston. After he seemingly moved to Japan, Joe tried to take my mother with him in 1965, but it seems that my mother did not receive a passport. And Joe was send back to the US after serving in Korea for 4 years in 1966, before my birth. So, following the words of her mother's eldest sister, Kim Myung-hye's mother took care of the nursery school in Sangbong-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Dongdaemun-gu.on August 1, 1968. My mother's address was 553, Gaeseong 2-dong, Yangju-gun, Gyeonggi-do.My mother's parents were Kim Ki-je's father, Yoon Ae-soon's mother, and two younger brothers and three children. After years of research Korean NGO Kim Yoree has found evidence that my mother never gave me up for Adoption, but her sister gave me up in 1968. My adoption papers claims that due to harassment and apartheid in Korea, children of american descent were deported out of the country or simply drowned in the ocean. This is how my story starts. 


NGO's has later recovered brutal facts of a story, of violence and abuse of Korean women and children. And today these fact has been brought in front of United Nations Human Rights Committee in relation to the "Joint Declaration on Illegal Intercountry Adoptions.". The adoption industry started by American Christians fundamentalists "saving war children after the Korean war, while building a million dollar industry based on illegal child trafficking.


"They organized charter flights where each machine could bring up to 100 children in cardboard boxes with holes in them, which were stacked on top of each other. Many children died on these trips. The children became known as "mail order babies", and some of the flights were painted with the name such as "Thanksgiving Babylift". The children were designated as orphans, but according to Bertha Holts own memories, Harry Holt and his local contact persons went around and "hunted" children of single mothers of mixed race, that American soldiers had left behind, and spoke to the mothers". Excerpt from article. Politiken 22 October 2015 by Jounalist Dorrrit Saitetz

It's also my story, I wake up to that living condition every single day, while the whole family who participated in the atrocities stick their heads in the bush and pretend I don't exist. I'm used to it now, but the collective ostracism of those who point to the truth is a sad and incomprehensible trend. How I wish people who once talked about "family" would also dare to stand up and take responsibility for their part of the deception. They avoid symptomatic dialogue, and if you extend a hand, it is bitten off, while they enjoy themselves in the detached house idyll in the privilege of not being deprived of their family, the foundation of life and their rights. I've given up, you can't ask people to love when they can't.

We have worked for 12 years as activists, and as the founder of the worlds first support concert for Transnational adoptees, becomes the beginning of the end of Transnational adoption. 


Breaking news from Denmark! DIA - sole mediator of International adoption closes adoption business completely. It is a crime against humanity to kidnap children, sell them and deprive them of all fundamental biological human rights. DIA is suspended indefinitely, and taxpayers must now pay for free fertility treatments for the childless. ( ref. Mette Frederiksen's New Year's speech. ) yes, this is how you can easily and elegantly get around the worldwide revelations of child trafficking that NGOs have demonstrated in the past two years. . It is a scandal and I regret that this exploitation has been able to go on for so many years. I am sorry for all involved parties and those who just passively allow the abuse of the world's most vulnerable and exposed children and adults. Large parts of our lives are destroyed, we stand alone in the world without family and without loving support from our adoptive families or society in general. It is an unworthy fate for which there is no substitute. And which everyone who lives every day with privileges cannot possibly get to grips with. DIA was created through a merger in January 2015 of the two former adoption agencies Danadopt and AC Børnehjælp. The only bright spot is that the children of the future get the protection the rest of us never got. It is a blessing from God to know. That in 2024 we are still fighting so hard for fundamental rights in a welfare state is quite incomprehensible to me. GAME OVER.


JERRY KIM ..originally Cherry Kim

As a survivor of child trafficking, I have always taken inspiration from the history and origins of my original family, from Korea's oldest city, Ann Dong. Korea's "Blue blood" lineage, from which my biological mother's family is descended. Furthermore, I am inspired by the story of my American father. The name Jerry was written over the first name, Cherry in my files. Jerry means the child no matter the sex of a US service man. 

This information told to me, by an attache from the Korean Embassy, brought me to dinner to the Korean Ambassador. I later performed for Korea Klub that same year. 


Danish adopted singer goes in seach of her roots. Interviews with Korean Herald af performance in Iteawon American Base area in 2012.

Presumably MOTHER: Mayung Ai Kim raised Metta single handily for a few years, since Metta's father had left for his home country -The States -after a four years of posting during the korean war. Mayung was educated tailor and out of a family of 7 children. She felt forced to give Metta up for adoption - to avoid facing a future of racism and exclusion in Korea. This was the story told in my birth papers, but time has show that the information is forged. 

I was sold to a danish music family after a 9 month stay at an american Orphanage in Seoul.

Presumably FATHER: Joe Mclaine. US serviceman stationed in Korea from 1962 - 66. Where he formed a 4 year relationship to my mother. He tried to get us to Japan, but failed and were send home to the United States only 26 years old.  This is what my adoption papers state. I was given up for adoption, which was illegal i Korea at the time, under my mothers name, and became a victim of child trafficking and illegal adoption.  even though I was born at American Base area. Instead of returning to my fathers country, I was transportet to Denmark by scandinavian traffickers providing children to danish people. 


stepped through with her own solo career as an international solo artist as well as developing a platform that can enrich and share our insights and knowledge about how to transform the challenges of your life into sustainable success with international reach.

ACHIEVEMENTS: As a award multiple winner, Metta has always paved the way in Denmark for new artistic initiatives. As a 21-year-old, she received the Sven Grams Memorial Scholarship for talented illustrators and was one of the first female artists to travel to New York to live, work and develop. Since then, she received both awards and work grants for new initiatives.

TRIBUTES: Most recently, Metta worked as an Ethical Adviser for the former Ambassador of the South African Embassy in Denmark H.E. Ms. Ambassador Zindzi Mandela. She is just one of the many important personalities Metta has met on her way, and she further had the great honor of performing as a speaker and singer at her Memorial in 2019.


I began to sing the day I gave birth to my son.

As the single mother of DMA winner Noah Carter, my life is build around his happiness. We are ecah others only biological family in the world. And it leaves us with a uniqe soul, body, spirit band. Noahs is as well a multi artist, today one of Denmarks biggest influencers with his collaboration with BOC. Oliver Kesi, Gillis, Benny Jamz, Hans Phillip, Jada, Lucas Graham and many other. 

he is just one of the many young people Metta have supported and talent developed to great worldwide success. Noah is stated to be the best international MC in Scandinavia by Appel Radio New York Noah has been called "A nordic ballad" 

INFLUENCES: "As a pioneer in American Hip Hop, Soul and RnB in Denmark, I clearly believe that we must continue to develop new music, take new paths, even if we go against the flow and sometimes have to wait 10 - 15 years before the market is ready with the flow we contribute" -Metta

Noah nominated and his very best friend beloved Oliver Kesi winning best album, at P3 Guld. Danish National Radios Awardshow. 

Noah mets the Danish Crown princess Mary after a Danse show he participated in. 14 years old. 

TV2 DMA awardshow. Noah winning Danish Music Awards in 2017.  The very proud mother.

Noahs first performance at Roskilde Festival. He performed with singer Jada at Orange  Stage 2022. And with MC Benny Jamz in 23. 

Noah and I as musicisians and speakers, Art Directors, Event coordinators and beneficiary at Freedom. Speech and Concert Event at National Museum. 2017.

London premiere. Opening new.        T-shirt Company. Scam Collection.

Noah first movie performance. Nordic Film. "Underverden 2" Playing the role of Boba, Alongside Dar Salim. 

Opening at The Round Stage in Roskilde for Luckas Graham

4 albums 

Great review today, this chapter is going to be absolutely amazing ❤ ❤ Huge congratulations Noah ❤ ❤ '"Winwin" is far better than anyone could have dreamed of. Noah Carter's personality shines through from the first stanza in a way it just doesn't always do in English. He's not technically perfect, but he's charismatic as hell. You hang on every word". -SoundVenue.



At Red Barnet got hiresd as one out of 400 applicants. I talked to more 1000 danish people around the country and raised 200.000 DKK in funds. Our main focus areas at the time, was "Slet Det" "Deleat it" Counseling against online bullieng, sexual assult of children and teenagers. Further more our focus areas was Refugees in The Ukraine, and victims of earth craig in Syria. 

Graphic Designer, Photographer and Illustrator by The Danish Graphic College of Denmark. 

Work in the American Press The Financial Times (NY) as visualizer.  And the danish  Press for more than 5 years. Mainly in collaboration with Political department at Christiansborg, where I educated the Journalists in the use of New Graphic. I also worked with various Journalists in Bruxelle, covering EU elections. 


I am furthermore working as vocal coach and mentor to young artists. Here with Freja Kirk at DPA. 




INVENTOR PROJECTLEADER; SINGER AND MUCISIAN FREEDOM; SPECCH AND CONCERT EVENT AT THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ART.                                                   I a m proud to have been among this worlds greatest freedom fighters. Here alongside Bashy Quraishy: presenter/Host hos Hamwatan radio/TV Nye Dunya, Senior Program Manager hos Minority Consultant/TV presenter og News Editor hos TV KøbenhavnTidligere: European Network Against Racism - ENAR.

And late Ambassador H.E. Ms. Zindzi Mandela , Ambassador to South Africa in Denmark, and youngest daughter of Winnie and Nelson Mandel. The Ambassador performed as our main spaker at the National Museum. 

You are welcome to download the program for the evening, that evolved around Diversity in cultural expressions.

At this occation I had invited The Ambassador to a day of celebration for the humanitarian world tribute the "Mandela leagacy" represents. Furthermore a day of empowering and salute to the various Grassroots fighting for equality, against racism and surpression. 

SINGER AND SPEAKER AT Memorial service in Kristians Kirken, Christianshavn, Denmark for the passing of Late Ambassador H.E. Zindzi Mandela. 

Here alongside my son Noah Carter and Jacob Holdt world famouse Human rights photographer "American pictures".

I spoke about the challenge of implementing the empowering tools given by Zindzi Mandela into our everyday life , the gratitude and sorrows of loosing The Ambassador,  and her constant compassion and support to the "People of the streets, NGOs, activists and Grassroots".


THE conversations I had as Ethical advisor with Former Ambassador H.E. Ms. Zindzi Mandela of the urgency of nurturing the originale core root of transnational adoptees raised as a minority -from an early age. (It will ease the passage way towards liberation). and prevention of long term damage. 

The counceling was based on my own experience after 15 years of Ethnic  Isolation, I experienced as transnational adoptee in Denmark during the 1970-90thies. Being prevented from seeing and meeting as much as one single person who resampled my origin as Amerasian. Korean / African American. These conversations made the Ambassador increase "Family days" at The SA Embassy for the 230 SA transnational Adoptees under the age of 10 in Denmark. She leaned over, took my hand, and said you have changed the lives for 230 children, by your testimonial.  And I was invited to all her coming events in Denmark, during her 4 year period of being Ambassador. 



Having been influenced significantly by her father Finn Jørgensen, Metta Carter had her first taste of showbiz at the tender age of 16, educating as a classical musician from College in Denmark.

Her father was a genuin light spirit, who up liftet both locally and nationally with his music, vibrancy and generous spirit. " He always claimed that the keyword for humankind is "SAMKLANG" harmony.

Music and activism has always had a close connection for me. 

As human beings, we stand in the middle of the crossroads between the masculine / scientific horizontal path - with a focus on external reality, and the feminine / processor-oriented vertical path with a focus on inner reality and surrender.

February 2021 is the time when we planetary enter into "The times of aqarious" Spiritual forces call the 5th dimension collective heart energy.

Where the last 2000 years have been characterized by 3rd dimensional polarity, separation and power structures, we now move into the dimension -all heart energy- Music will be the creator and gateway to love, peace and harmony ". -Metta

PHILOSOFICAL CONVERSATIONS.  To ease the passage way towards liberation.Healing will not occure before we overcome "The Stockholm syndrom" and the urge to surstaine a system, who by means of repetitive value codeks, exclusion and isolation radicalisation, forces us to feel "national surrogat counter fight duty" towards the norms and expectation of the suppressor. It's the same mekanismes that are being used in the radicalization processes of extreme religious believers. These are the conversations I had as Ethical advisor with Former Ambassador H.E. Ms. Zindzi Mandela of the urgency of nurturing the originale core root of transnational adoptees raised as a minority -from an early age. (It will ease the passage way towards liberation). If I want to experience freedom before I pass, I must leave Denmark permanently. The gateway destination will not be to belong, as I spoke to the Tibetian Monks about, as I laid foreward my plans for UN collab. "It will be to become free of the need to belong" he replied. And it will be fruitful to be in a country that mirrors the desire to belong, and the loss, the less. Keep moving, free of attachment.But we all need to go through steps of development. And I still fall into the social traps of wanting to belong. I overlooked this picture, but now I love it, because it shows the pain, and what a healing this year has been, being in the grace of UPFs various Ambassadors for Peace.



Thank you for An absolutely beautiful day at UPF the great honor of becoming international "Ambassador for Peace" alongside both Tibetan munks and yoga teachers and many more wonderful peace makers yes We are all just here to share experience and wisdom to make peace an active choice. A very special heart felt thank you to Nobu, Karsten and Torkild for embracing me, and the Munks from Watthai Denmark who's words of wisdom, ultimate freedom and the power of presence gave me inner peace like never before - and made me smile out loud lol much love & fun and I look foreward to visiting the monestary and participating in the peace work with Universal Peace Federation- UPF Denmark.



Belgium is the first country in the world to include "illegal adoptions" as a definition in the criminal code as a form of human trafficking and violation of human rights!!!! I am very proud that we have succeeded in this and moved that this has been made possible across party lines! The standard JUSTICE Illegal adoption of children now also includes human trafficking -Ben Segers.

— © belgaChildren who have been illegally adopted will from now on also be recognized as victims of human trafficking. The same applies to victims of forced marriages.



I am writing a great deal about Diversity these days. It is to point out the importance of understranding the different aspects and challenges (traps) disguised in the humanity of Diversity.

More and more funds and public economical means are being provided to "secure" common diversity, but once you go down that road without fully understanding the concept - we as marginalized artists/people are self-stigmatizing.

Well on the way to outcast ourselves from every other public funding available.

Ofcause any artist/person wants and wish to be heard, seen and met on thire own premises within their own segment-but the consequences of receiving short term minor economical benefits due to long term stigmatizing is not worth the sacrifices of equality in any forum. Which is our fundamental human rights and the authentic aim and purpose of a Diversed socity.

Future generations will be born into the cast "diversity" and will find it hard to be taken into regards in any forum wich does not appeal to diversity. It is not Diversity to squeeze marginalized people into one box. It is discrimination.

1) Diversity fundings is the "New black" because of increased earnings, income and social media attention/power among ethnic people.

2) Diversity means/funds will be provided more easily to any initiator.

3) Diversity becomes the answeres to solve years of racial and gender suppression, but increase the cast systems in the categorizing/intention to seek out interest areas.

4) To create a diversed society it is important that the State represent broad representation of all marginalized groups. Without any economical agenda.

5) Diversity means as said by the Ambassador Mandela "Uniqueness in unity" meaning we stand side by side having equal rights and representation in no regards to ethnicity, race, nationality, gender, age, religion, political or spiritual views, sexual orientation, marriage or parental status, culture, history, citizenship or occupation at all times - in any regards.

6) The choice and bendings of the term Diversity put into the power of privililegede people with competetive aims, will never become true Diversity.

7) Therefore Diversity must never be made into a private choice of capitalistic gain benneficial for private causes.      8) No-one should ever apply for anything in the terms of diversity, diversity has to be secured and respected at all time as a public demand for equality.-Metta Carter.